I operate a 300 room Motel in North Carolina. I was down to only being able to rent 25 rooms per night because of the flea infestation in the other rooms. Not only did I have fleas, I had bed bugs, mites and seed ticks. Not to many folks get the opportunity to fight all of those evils at once.

My local exterminator bailed out on me. No answers other than putting a tent over the whole Motel and fumigating it with methyl bromide. Then it would not be able to be used for a minimum of 30 days. The cost, 62,000 dollars. I saw bankruptcy looming on the horizon. All because of Fleas. I was devastated.

I called the State of North Carolina. No one wanted to address the problem. I turned to the USDA and saw the BEE’s Report posted to their website. It appeared that the BEST YET received the highest rating for a BIO flea control for use by the Army in Iraq. The Army could not use it until the government gave the chemical companies enough time to object to use of a non chemical formulation.

What rubbish that is. I called they shipped me a 55 gallon drum. The cost, $2750. Our cleaning crew and I personally treated all 300 rooms in one day using the four Tri-Jet Foggers which was sent to us. The cost, $900. We just stripped the linen, opened the door of each room, set the fogger on the floor, turned it on and and let it run for 5 minutes.

Mission accomplished. Vacuumed the rooms, wiped down the tables, installed clean linen. etc., turned on the AC and 12 hours later we were renting the rooms. No offensive Chemical odor, no fleas, seed ticks, bed bugs or mites. And lots of dead roaches. I don’t know where they came from. Do the math folks. It cost me $12.16 per room. I want you to post this to your website so other Motel Owners don’t have to be on a learning curve like I was. The BEST YET is a lifesaver for me and might be for them. It has been a month now and not one pest in site. Thanks for the advice.

Waynette Hendrickson…..Asheville, North Carolina


I am sending this information to you so you can pass it on to other folks. Your BEST YET is a awesome flea spray for the inside of the house. I tried everything from bombs to soap and never could get rid of the rascals. One tank spray treatment with this product and it was history. It took two of the three gallons I bought to do this large house and all of the furniture.

That still cost less than the exterminator was charging me each month and I have gallon left to use on the Pets. And a whole lot less than replacing the carpet the jerk told me I would have to do. I made him do the application for me at no charge. He owed me ! I love it. It really made the house smell fresh instead of like a chemical plant. You cannot imagine the sense of relief I have after fighting this flea dilemma for the last 90 days. Thanks for making a safe and effective product.

Elaine Bernstien……..Jersey City New Jersey


I received my gallon of BEST YET flea killer late yesterday. I sprayed my three dogs immediately and it instantly killed the fleas on them. WOW. That Cedar Oil is lethal to fleas. I was using that store bought spray but it never killed the fleas. It just moved them around on the dog and made them bite more.

When I sprayed the BEST YET they were dead before it hit them. I checked this morning to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Where there used to be fleas on their belly and in their leg pits and groin area, not a flea. I checked their back side, ears and tails, no fleas. For the first time in weeks they slept all night. Good stuff that BEST YET. The dogs really shine and smell good. Why don’t the Vets know about this product ? It would be much better treatment than what they now use that does not work.

Denise Whitaker…….Charlotte, North Carolina


I am a PCO / Exterminator located in Foley, Alabama. My company is in transition from chemical to organic treatment of residential and commercial properties. We use the Cedar Oil Concentrates and the BEST YET solutions. We have found that we can obtain quicker and longer lasting results using the your Products than we ever were able to with the Synthetic Chemicals.

We can instantly control fleas, bed bugs, mites, ants, mosquitoes, grubs, flies, army worms and numerous other pests. We keep a representative stock of your products for our “Do it yourself” customers. We stock the Pestigator Irrigation Injection Systems and suggest it is the ultimate in insect control. Folks in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are welcome to use our “Chemical Free” pest control services.

Gene Morris, licensed PCO # 55741 Baldwin County, Alabama

Letter from Ravenwood Estates Equine Center

It was late summer of last year, when Renee’ West, my boss and developer of Ravenwood Estates, advised me that we would be trying some new pest control products at the Equestrian Center to replace the Pyrethrum-based repellents in our misting system and elsewhere.

I was raised around horses and have worked with them most of my life. It’s my responsibility to care for these very expensive horses… owned by some wealthy homeowners… in this exclusive subdivision. And, now I’m dealing with the West Nile Virus, So, I’ve just been told that someone wants to take away my only defense against mosquitoes. You can understand my skepticism and resistance to change.

It’s a job I take very seriously, and I love these animals dearly. To my surprise, however, all the products worked just as you described, and your misting system concentrate (Nocdown III) was a tremendous success. Diluted 1 quart to 55 gallons the periodic spray virtually eliminated all flying and biting insects in the stalls, and created a “protective barrier”around the center against flies and mosquitoes. In addition, the pleasant aroma of Cedar oil. It also seemed to calm the animals and reduced skittishness while working with them.

I truly believe the chemical treatments kept them jumpy all of the time. Knowing, too, that your products are chemical-free and environmentally safe for us all gives us a great deal of satisfaction and relief while working in and around the area. As a result, we recently purchased two more cases of the concentrate, and you can expect more orders in the future.


Denise Irish, Manager, The Equestrian Center

Testimonial from Military Man using BEST YET

I am leaving for Iraq for the third time. My parents sent me a bottle of the BEST YET spray because the deet stuff I was using was making me dizzy and burning my skin. The bugs are terrible over there. Real mean fleas and those tiny things you cannot see. I hate them. Here in Florida we call them “can’t see um” Funny thing, I can use the BEST YET all day long and never a insect bite and I never feel sticky, even under all of the protective clothing I have to wear. I bought a gallon to take back with me. Why can’t you get the Army to buy this stuff instead of that nasty deet spray ?

Sergeant Bill Tucker III Orlando, Fla.


When I first discovered the your website and the products there I said to myself, now there is some real first class snake oil marketing. You see, I had been there and done that. I had been tricked by the biggest and best. Then as I read the testimonials I realized that it could have been me writing them as I identified with nearly every issue the different folks talked about.

Several years ago I was told I picked up a wheat mite skin infestation in the Midwest. The creatures from hell is what I called them. I tried all of the cures recommended by friends, fools, family and doctors, including the Prozac routine suggesting that the problem was all in my head. I even greased myself up with the toxic permethrin lotion the Doctor prescribed. I ended up having nervous convulsions and almost died. I had all but decided this horrible itching and crawling feeling is something I would have to live with the rest of my life. Not a nice thought.

What I couldn’t understand was why the mites did not affect anyone else, only me. My husband was not affected at all. You have no idea how often I prayed I could get this mite issue in my past. Then I spoke to you and you dumped cold water on all the numerous theories the Doctors and others had led me to believe. I realize now that the mites are good guys and are a intricate part of the human body. My problem had nothing to do with the Midwest or the wheat mite. Some folks are more reactive to mites which are in everyone’s skin.

When a body produces extra bacteria and that often happens from aging, stress or without any defined reason, the mites become aggressive, destroying that bacteria element. This creates high fecal matter and urine discharge from the mite which in turn creates the itchy crawly feeling as the dirt attempts to exit the skin. Your BEST YET product kills the epidermal bacteria which determines the mites behavior. I had no idea that Cedar Oil was a natural bactericide. For years I have suffered from Rosacea.

Everything you say about the mite I now find is acknowledged by the Mayo studies related to this incurable disease. Today, because of your product, I no longer suffer from Rosacea or Mites. I don’t know how to thank you. I know I am preaching to the choir. I just want you to publish this writing on your website. I never want this treatment to be my best kept secret.

Perhaps someday one of the pharmaceutical companies will see the error of their chemical dependency and promote one or more of your dynamic products as a alternative to the Snake Oil they insist on peddling to unsuspecting folks like I was. Thanks Again and Again Dr. Ben. Because of you, life is good.

Lillian McGovern………Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Good morning …. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we are having a Flea Free Day at the Jackson home. It is the first in many months thanks to your wonderful products. I don’t ever want to live again the horrible flea infestation we had in the yard that then migrated to the house. Not only was it embarrassing, it was costly. When I look back at all of the useless trips I made with the dogs and cats to the Vet and the countless return treatments the exterminator charged me for, I want to vomit. For years I paid dearly for a insect control service I never really received. At days end there is no doubt that the stuff they were spraying was either water or something the fleas were immune to. He got fired. In any event, problem solved. Not only did the PCO Choice you sold me get rid of the fleas, it killed the mosquito and a bunch of other pests. I use the Best Yet on the animals and they love it. Keep up the good work. Life is good, again.

The Jackson family of 3 dogs, 2 cats and 4 humans..Tampa, Florida,


To the fine folks, I am a Pest Control Operator in upstate New York that primarily takes care of Dairy operations and milking parlors and a few Equine centers. I can watch the flies get off the cows when they come in the facilities and get back on when they go back outside. Your NOCDOWN III is an amazing product. I spray on a 30 day interval. Believe me, it is sure a relief not to have to handle those nasty chemicals anymore.

Elmer Jorgenson…….UpState, New York.


I really enjoyed our conversation several weeks ago. As you said it would, the MSC works great in my mosquito misting system. As I told you, I was instructed for several years not to use anything but the Pyrethrum Poison in the system.

My wife made me turn it off last year after going to Google and reading about the issues with Pyrethroids and then finding the EPA report stating the Pyrethrum is a estrogen mirroring compound linked to breast cancer. Smart move.

I have 4 females living in my house. The misting system was a 5000 dollar investment I could not use. As you well know, I was not happy. The prominent Metroplex installer refused to return my phone calls. It seems that is the rule of the day with those kind of folks. I put one quart of the MSC in the barrel and filled it with water. I had to clean all of the nozzles that were plugged from the chemical. It took me all day to do so.

After 4 weeks I still have the smell of the toxins on my hands. No wonder the house, plants and everything around the spray area turned yellow. Thanks for the advice Ben. The Cedar Oil works better than the chemical ever did. It smells good. And it is a whole lot cheaper. I should save enough money over the next few years to get the irrigation pestigator. Then these ugly nozzles all over the house are coming down. I can’t wait.

Norman Avendale DDS……….Dallas, Texas


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. You saved my marriage. My new Bride and I decided to live the summer at our brand new lake home in the Finger Lakes area of New York State. We had the home built over the winter and just moved in after a June 2 wedding.

I never dreamed the Mosquito’s would be so bad. It was horrible. And to make it worse, I let that California outfit talk me into buying some of that internet advertised Garlic Spray to treat the house and area with to get rid of the Mosquito’s. The smell was so bad it made both Danniel and I gag. We had to go to town to sleep that night. She left and went back to Pittsburgh for ten days. Nice Honeymoon.

Thank god it rained for three days that week and washed that horrible smell away. I never got the smell out of our new house. I went through three cleaning ladies trying to get it deodorized. I am told I will have to replace the carpets. My new neighbors complained and said they would take action if I ever used it in the yard again. I was told about a Cedar Oil product called NOCDOWN III that is used in the Agricultural business to control Citrus Rust Mites and insects of all sorts. Ben said it is used by the Cities and Municipalities for Mosquito spraying. I called and they shipped me a gallon with a hose end sprayer. Unbelievable results. Not a Mosquito in sight. I am going to do what Three Rivers Kay did and use a Pestigator to feed some sprinkler heads scattered about the property. Then I wouldn’t have to hose things down anymore. I love the smell of the Cedar Oil. And so does my wife (back here now) and the neighbors. Thanks, You saved my marriage.

Anthony Riebinstien, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Letter from the Mosquito Chaser in Atlanta

Aunt Millie is writing this letter for me. I don’t know how to type or spell to good yet. They call me the mosquito chaser here in Atlanta. Kin folks think I am crazy but I have a lot of fun chasing mosquito. They got me one of those foggers for my birthday. When I am 16 I will be able to start my own business.

Then they will have to pay me for keeping the bugs out of their yards. Now I just do it for fun. It really works good. I can do the inside of the house and the yard. In the house I turn it on and blow the fog into the air ducts with the blower running. Aunt Millie said it killed all the dust mites in the house and she threw her breathing pills in the trash.

When my sister Mavis got married I did the Legion hall and the Picnic area and everyone said it really smelled good around there and no bugs anywhere. They married her outside cause the mosquito’s were all gone. They even served the food outside so everyone could dance in the hall. Thanks . Can’t wait till I am 16. Do you need a salesman ?

W L Durham jr. Atlanta, GA.


My company builds wooden decks and fences for people and we also repair rotten ones. This guy called me to fix his decayed deck wood and then treat it with some stuff he bought on the internet. Supposed to turn the wood petrified. I told him it was rubbish talk but applied it for him just to make him happy.

I was just wrong. I now put that CedarShield solution on all of the decks and fences we build. In my 30 years of wood work I have never seen anything like it. It completely waterproofs the wood. I don’t know what it is but for sure it works. Since I have started using it I never have a board split or the nails or screws come out. Never once has the planks warped or curled up on the ends. The color of the wood stays the same. Remember me. I am the guy that just ordered his third barrel of juice from you.

Aaron Whitestead, Mesquite, Texas.

Still Growing… We will Trumpet more…

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