Enzymes used in Golf Ball Washers

December 16, 2008 at 2:07 am Leave a comment

GOLF BALL WASHERS – Kleen Green� Enzymes contains natural enzymes that safely breakdown contaminants caused by dirt and residue from golf balls. Prevents water molds and eliminates odors. Safe for all surfaces; rubber, plastic and metal. Will not harm grass beneath the ball washer. Mix one ounce per one gallon of warm water, dispense directly into ball washer. For ball washers with apparent odors, mix two ounces of product per one gallon of warm water. Use as often as ball washers are refilled with fresh water.

Kleen Green  Naturally Enzymes are bacteria free. Our enzymes have the ability to absorb odors, providing a clean and natural smelling ball washer. Enzymes slowly eat sludge and other organic contaminants, which means less maintenance. Ball washers are full of contaminants, such as grass, mud, pesticides and fertilizers. Enzymes have the ability to break down these contaminants and stop cross bacteria contamination.

Like it or not, golfers will lick their golf balls. If a golfer notices a spot on their golf ball, they will lick it off, meaning whatever was in the ball washer will now be in the golfers system. Kleen Green Enzymes stops cross-bacteria contamination and makes it safe for golfers to lick their golf balls.


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