Non Toxic Bio Agent kills Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mites, Lice

December 15, 2008 at 12:11 am 1 comment

Do you wonder what has been biting you and your children at night ? Chances are it was a bed bug. Not since the bed bug outbreak of the 50’s has there been such a increase in the population of this blood sucking pest. History reveals the 50’s epidemic was brought under control with the use of a nerve gas by-product called DDT. But alas, this carcinogenic is no longer available for use in controlling parasites.

Furthermore, it is no longer prudent, legal or politically correct to use organophosphates, carbomates or pyrethroid substances to eradicate this pest.  And rightfully so. Millions of Americans exposed to these toxins have fallen victim to incurable ailments ranging from breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, autism, compromised immune systems and other ongoing ailments.
I like to introduce  a Biological Product used in the control of parasites such as bed bugs, fleas, ticks, lice and mites. This breakthrough technology will go down in history as the greatest arthropod control invention ever formulated. Exposure to the treatment results in INSTANT DEATH to its recipient.

However, the level of safety is so high it can be applied to new born mammals and their nursing mothers. Unlike chemical counterparts that attack the nervous system of the insect to prompt its demise, This new technology delivers the cedar oil active ingredient in a NANO size molecular weight that instantly triggers closure of the bed bugs breathing spherical pores and its subsequent suffocation.
Bed bugs are nocturnal. In the wee hours of the morning they visit their human victim. They hide in the beds headboard, the folds of the mattress, in the cavity of the box spring, in your luggage, in your shoes, in the ceiling and baseboard trim of the room, in the electrical outlets, dresser drawers and behind the pictures on the wall. They travel up to 150 foot a night in search of a blood meal that you or your children will provide. They hitch a ride home in your luggage or clothing after your stay at the highest quality hotels in the World who often remain in denial as to their high levels of bed bug infestation. Your children bring them home from the College dormitories. Their best friends deliver them to you in their overnight bags. Just a cure that results from their eradication. Our non toxic and Chemical Free BEST YET formulation is the undisputed solution and the preferred method of bed bug eradication.


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  • 1. Christine  |  February 19, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    Bed bugs give me the willies and I absolutely hate staying in hotels. My biggest fear is that housekeeping does not do a good enough job and their beds are infested with bed bugs. Its great to hear that you have a product that is safe for my family. I hope professional pest control companies will get on board with you.


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