DIY Pest Control : Application

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Plumbing and heating pipes are like a freeway for a bed bug! Caulk or seal any space around plumbing pipes. Then vacuum and spray our Organic Solution liberally all cracks, crevices and corners. This Dyanamic solution (nontoxic) provides a powerful residual. Death is within 24 hours. Apply to any crack, crevice or corner. Safe on beds and bed room furniture.

Apply a light mist to the entire mattress. Pay particular attention in spraying mattress seams, buttons and tears. Don’t forget to treat the bottom of the mattress, box springs and bed frame.
The objective is not the quantity of spray used, but rather the proper placement of the enzyme cleaner. Spray  into cracks, crevices and corners! BE THOROUGH.

Inspect and spray along baseboards, window frames, wall paper edges, heat registers and other moldings. As it may be impossible to penetrate all hiding places immediately, control may not be immediate and bugs may be seen for few days after treatment.

Vacuum thoroughly. Check behind pictures, drapes, wall sockets and even closets. Bed bugs are annoying and persistent. Getting rid of them requires persistence.

Bed bugs hide in extremely small cracks, crevices and corners, making it difficult to locate breeding sites. These vampires of the insect world venture from their hiding spots at night.

Life Span! Bed bugs can live a year or longer without food (blood) and thus stay in their hiding places. Bed bugs can travel long distances and survive in suitcases, clothing, vehicles, aircraft, and cruise ships. Bed bug females lay about 300 eggs. Bed bugs hatch from eggs in 10 days, so it is vital to repeat the above process again within 10 days. As soon as they smell the product they may seek protection deep into mattress, beds, box springs, head boards and other nearby crevices and cracks. They hide in small and tiny places. So it is hard to get the Organic Solution in the areas where they have found refuge.Depending upon the Bug population it may be necssary to use our Organic Products in a Non Thermal fogger.

Our fogger was designed for control of flying or crawling insects and other pests that inhabit your home or structures. This light weight six pound hand held ULTRA LOW VOLUME non thermal fogger emits a “Chemical Free ” COLD FOG that will penetrate the hardest to reach points in your home, barn, yard, vegetable garden or poultry house.

The adjustable VMD (droplet size) allows for wet or dry fog applications that can be used safely inside on furniture, clothing, bedding or in the cupboards. A must for any household that is subject to biting or crawling insects such as Bed Bugs, Mites, Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Carpet Beetles, Silverfish, Roaches or other type arthropod.


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