The Science behind Cedarshield Wood Stabilizers

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All woods and bamboo contains two different forms of moisture. They are referred to as  “FREE WATER and BOUND WATER.  Free water harbors in the fiber structure of the wood.  Bound water is found in the Hydroxyl molecule that is the sole make up of cellular compounds. A hydroxyl molecule has two tails. A hydrogen tail and a oxygen tail. The uptake of these two compounds creates H20 or water. Expansion and contraction of wood is created when the hydroxyl molecules take on more or less airborne or liquid moisture.
CedarShield is a solvent treatment.  Solvents will instantly displace free water from the fiber structure of wood.  Certain silanes used in the CedarShield formulation are water scavengers.  Since they are of extremely low molecular weight they are capable of penetrating the cell wall structure of the molecule and attacking the water inside the molecule. The water is then replaced with a Si-Jel Matrix, a pliable silicone compound made up of silicone and cedar oil.  This phenomenon is created by a catalytic conversion that uses the bound water to trigger a hydrophobic reaction inside the hydroxyl molecule.  The un-utilized and excess water is then released and exits the wood in the form of ethanol gas. The Cedar Oil component of the formulation is a synergism which allows the solution to bond with the water and subsequently water proofs the wood from the inside out. It further performs as a termiticide and a fungicide that provides additional protection to the wood.
Summary:  When the hydroxyl group molecule is stabilized, the wood is moisture free. The hydrogen and oxygen tails of the molecule are sealed from liquid or air borne moisture and cannot expand or contract as they would in non-stabilized wood. Stabilized wood cannot move and therefore no cracking, splitting, cupping or warping will take place. Fastener rejection is eliminated. Subsequently, the absence of moisture becomes the absence of issues as the early stages of wood Petrification are triggered.  Petrified wood is moisture free wood laced with silicone deposits. The cedar oil component of the formulation is encapsulated in the wood and provides perpetual protection from insect and fungal organism attack.
CedarShield is next generation technology at its best.  It is a patented formulation that when applied correctly provides a ONETIME-LIFETIME Treatment to wood and bamboo of any species.


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