How to Control Bed Bugs with our Non Toxic Product

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The following data will instruct you on how best to use your purchase of BEST YET solution for control of Fleas, Ticks, Mites, Lice, Bed Bugs, Chiggers, Silverfish, Roaches, Ants, Carpet Beetles, Springtails, Scorpions, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Flies and a array of other non beneficial insects.  BEST YET can be used on any surface area including skin, hair, cloth or leather furniture, wood, hardwood floors, tile and linoleum floors, clothing, mattress and box springs, carpet, kitchen counters and inside cupboards and pantry areas. It also makes a excellent furniture polish. BEST YET is formulated with food grade EPA and FDA approved compounds that are safe to use on anything except plant life. It will not stain or attract dirt. Feel free to use it liberally as a liquid, mist, or with a NON THERMAL ULV fogger, depending on your objective.  Rest assured, you can not use to much solution.  The following will suggest a proper protocol for application of BEST YET for one or more of the animal health or insect control endeavors you may be contemplating. BEST YET is a READY TO USE solution and cannot be diluted.


Using The hand held compression sprayer, discharge a mist of BEST YET SOLUTION on the horizontal and vertical surface of the linen stripped mattress, box spring and headboard of the beds.  Using the same procedure, spray the furniture in the room with the same type mist, the objective being that of triggering a INSTANT KILL to the bed bugs, mites and fleas at large.  Roll back any seams or material tucks of the mattress or box spring and liberally treat those areas with additional spray. Remove the cushions from any furniture and treat the bottom sides and the cushions wells. Chairs with cloth cushions should be treated on the bottom side as well as the top. Using the compression sprayer that is dispersing a fine mist of BEST YET, treat each and every square inch of horizontal floor surface area including but not limited to the carpet, tile and wood floor areas.  Spray the mop boards first and any drapes and curtains  to at least 24 inches from the floor. Work backwards from the farthest point of the room making sure a liberal amount of the solution is being applied to all areas.  It is imperative that no area be left untreated. Spray the legs of all furniture and any lamp posts or other vertical supports.  Treat any and all dresser or vanity areas with a light spray.  Remember, Bed Bugs are nocturnal and are difficult to find in the light.  It is extremely important to treat the box spring cavity located on the bottom of the bed.  Remove the fine mesh cob web netting to gain access to the spring area.  Treat this area liberally as it is often the main hiding place for bed bugs.


Fill the fogger reservoir with the ready to use BEST YET solution.  It is suggested that a adjustable VMD (volumetric mean diameter) Tri-Jet Fogger be used  to facilitate both dry and wet fog applications. This adjustment will enable the operator to adjust the size of fog droplet being discharged from the fogging machine. Prior to fogging it is suggested that the seams and tucks of the mattress and any other cloth material be rolled back and treated with a mist or spray. The mattress should be removed from the bed so that both sides and total coverage of the surface can be treated. Using a dry to medium wet fog discharge, treat directly on the mattress, box spring and headboard.  Repeat the same application to all cloth covered furniture insuring that at minimum, a slight dampness of solution is  detectable.  Working backward from the far end of the room, and aiming the fogger at the floor areas,  disperse a wet fog over all Carpet, wood flooring and tile areas.  Be sure to direct the fog under furniture and into corners and at least twenty four inches up from the floor area of any drapes in the room.    Disperse a fog directly into any cupboards, drawers or closets. The amount of approximately 1 gallon of solution per one thousand square foot of surface area is suggested to insure a 100 % elimination and prevention of immediate re-infestation of insects. For control of mites it is necessary to fog all drapes, curtains and closet clothing.  Be sure adequate amounts of BEST YET are discharged into the air of each room. Remove the furnace filter from the cold air return and with the air handler circulating air throughout the structure discharge into the return air cavity.  This will circulate the fog throughout the structure killing all bacteria and dust mites in the duct work leading to all areas of the home.  Before leaving the room start the air conditioner unit or air circulator and allow it to circulate the air in the room.  This will eliminate any dust mites in the AC system. Replacing the filter is recommended. It is suggested that each room be closed and the fog allowed to settle for approximately 2 hours before occupation. Any overwhelming aromas will dissipate in a matter of 6 hours. The structure can be aired out if desired but it is suggested it be kept closed for at least two hours after treatment to enable a pheromone interruption event to impair and destroy the insects mental capacities and triggering their subsequent death.


Apply BEST YET on the floor, mop boards or floor molding, rugs, carpet, mattress and box spring, bed clothing, furniture and anywhere else those parasites or other insects might be. It will not stain or attract dirt.  I suggest you use a tank type compression sprayer (included in the BEST YET KIT). The commercial type sprayer will make it easier to get in the difficult places such as under furniture, beds etc. It will also provide a consistent delivery of the solution often difficult to do when using a trigger sprayer. Remember, you want to treat all areas as this product is considered a CONTACT KILLER and must either touch the insect or be inhaled by the pest to incur death. The odor of BEST YET is not offensive but somewhat overwhelming for a hour or two when total home treatments are conducted.  Given a short amount of time, the atmosphere will evolve into a refreshing clear cedar closet aroma. Wait several days after treatment before cleaning or vacuuming the floor areas. This will give the solution a opportunity to erode and dehydrate the insect egg and larvae in the treated area. Recommended application is 1 gallon per 1000 square foot of horizontal treatment area. The aroma of the cedar oil will impair the mental capacities of any “New Hatch”  that survives the treatment, and, subsequent death will incur usually within 72 hours or less. It is imperative that the total structure be treated to insure there is no reoccurrence of the pest.  Parasites such as Fleas will often move from one area to another, such as from basements to other levels. Walking the treated area after treatment wearing white socks will usually expose any areas harboring fleas, as the flea will be attracted to white.  Areas where this occurs should be re-treated immediately to eliminate the egg layer cycle and eliminate the next generation of flea.


BEST YET is considered a contact killer.  The objective is to apply a mist or spray directly on the flea or in the alternative, close enough to him that he can breathe the mist from the sprayer. All insects breathe through their body and when their many breathing pores are exposed to the solution, it triggers a suicide response by commanding the closure of the arthropods breathing pores.  Insects must have the available heat found in air to survive, or their internal organs immediately cease to function creating instant death.  Use the product liberally the first time making the animal wet with the solution.  You will observe fleas falling from the animal at once.  Take a moment and make sure the feet, leg pits, groin, belly, neck, tail and rectum are treated well.  Cedar Oil is a anti-bacterial and will promote the healing of any sore or dry flaky spots on the Pet often referred to as flea dermatitis.  It will also moisten the animals skin with cedar oil, eliminating the dry skin often caused naturally or by bathing the animal. Feel free to use as much BEST YET on the animal as you wish. You cannot overdo the treatment. You will find that this process will stimulate the animals hair making it healthy and attractive. As with any repellent, human or animal, repeat applications depend on exposure to insects.  Keep your Pets feet, legs and underbelly treated with a spray prior to entry into flea infested areas.  This will help eliminate the fleas that insist on hitching a ride on the animal and returning to your home.  Repeated liberal applications on a daily basis to HOT SPOTS or MANGE areas will trigger the mite demise and hair growth will resume immediately. A application into the ear canal with a subsequent external ear massage will destroy any ear mites or chronic fungal organism issues the animal has in that part of its body.


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The Absence of Moisture is the Absence of Issues” Bed Bug Insurance Policy

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