Non Toxic Flea Control

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If a little bit will kill a insect, a little more your cat and dog, then your next ! Why use a chemical when it is a inferior treatment ?

Flea infestations are difficult to control, and here is why.  For every flea you see there are 99 more in egg or larvae stage. Chemical products will not dissolve the eggs or larvae and in most cases the fleas have become immune to Pyrethroid substances which are commonly used for flea control. Pyrethroids are estrogen mirroring compounds and promote breast cancer in females. They are outlawed almost everywhere in the World except the USA. The gestation period of a flea egg is 7 days.  Cedar Oil must be used to interrupt the egg layer cycle and eliminate future generations of fleas. Exterminators love flea infestations because it means lots of repeat business for them.  From time to time the flea population will go into remission, however, when the perfect condition arrives it will exit dormancy and a dramatic flea increase will occur.  The Exterminators would have you believe that their treatment should be credited for the  temporary relief.  Wrong.  The remission is just part of the arthropod cycle.  Flea eggs can lay dormant as long as three years. Having said that, here is the good news.    There is only one substance known to man that will dissolve the shell of the flea egg, and it is Cedar Oil.

It is NANO Technology at its best and it delivers microscopic droplets of Cedar Oil using a water carrier.  This dynamic product is called PCO CHOICE. It can now be purchased from XeroBugs direct from the  website.

The solution will not stain and should be used on all carpet and lower portions of furniture and bedding.  The tank sprayer wand is adjustable for heavy or light mist or a stream capable of being utilized to treat hard to get areas behind appliances etc.  To be effective the total floor area of the structure should be treated.  It may be necessary to either leave the house for several hours after total treatment or open the windows to neutralize the temporary overwhelming Cedar Aroma.  In the alternative, do one room at a time and close the door when treatment is complete.   The hose end sprayer will attach to a garden hose and deliver 20 gallons of water mixed with PCO CHOICE solution.  It is a good idea to start at the house and work outward spraying everything including but not limited to the side of the structure, shrubbery, grass, flower beds, concrete and tile areas.  Contact with the sprayed solution will kill the flea and dissolve the insect eggs of not only fleas but any other non-beneficial insect in the area.  The residual aroma of the Cedar Oil will establish a barrier of entry that interrupts the pheromone system of insects and makes your property off limits to bugs.  Incidentally, it is made from Cedar Oil, Ethyl Lactate and liquefied Quartz Rock.  These are benign elements that have ZERO toxicity levels, safe to use around children and pets. The compounds come from Cedar Trees, Rock and Corn.

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